Second Global Prayer Meeting - 17th July 10am

Hi Kings Church Selby, 

My name is Fusi Mokoena from City Hill Church Dubai. I am writing to you on behalf of the Regions Beyond Global team, to encourage and excite you about our second Global Prayer meeting. 
If you missed out on our first Global Prayer for East Asia in May, you can find out more by clicking on these links  - whether you have five mins to read a blog or two or an hour to to watch our whole session.

These Global Prayer meetings are a chance for all of us as a church family to gather on Zoom to pray every second month for one hour. Each time we will be praying together for a different region of the world. We want to build a sense of togetherness - that we are together on a mission and here for one another’s success.

This will be an opportunity to learn about what is happening across the world and hear first-hand what God is doing in the nations. We will have a time of worship, hear stories, have an interview, praise and pray together. We will learn about the challenges, the reaching out into new regions and be excited for what we are trusting God for.

The second Global Prayer is on Saturday the 17th of July, where we will be praying for Southern Asia and featuring our churches and hearing from their leaders in India, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan. 

We have set the time for GMT 9am in the hope of making the time work for as many of our family as possible. May we remind those of you whose GMT changes from summer to winter to check what time this will be for your church (eg this is 10am in the UK).

Link to the resources:

Fusi Mokoena