What we believe


We are a Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching, miracle-expecting church! 

Here at King's Church Selby we believe and completely love God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit - the Trinity of 3 separate beings and yet a completely unified One.

We believe that God is perfect, all powerful, all loving and knows all things. He created the world and everything in it. When humans (Adam and Eve) chose not to obey God and they went against His instructions (sin), a barrier was put up that meant we had lost the pure connection we once had with God because of the sin that had entered mankind. We had to try and make ourselves perfect before Him  - but God knew this would be impossible as we will always make mistakes so, in His absolute goodness, He gave us Jesus!

We know that Jesus lived and walked on this earth in order to be sacrificed as the sinless lamb for our sins (going against God's will) - past, present and future. And we are living in the goodness of His resurrection and the freedom His death bought us as by the grace of God, we have been saved by faith in Him. Therefore, Jesus' death restored the ability for us to have a relationship with God by taking our sin and substituting it with His own righteousness. This is a gift freely given to those who have faith in God as we could never earn it by ourselves. 

When Jesus ascended back into heaven, the Holy Spirit came down to dwell within believers to guide, challenge, correct and encourage them. Through Him we find our spiritual gifting that not only enhances our individual lives, but the lives of the church as a collective. 

We are a Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching, miracle-expecting church! But what does that mean exactly?

We believe the Bible is the Word of God that has the power to change our lives and therefore we are squeezing and extracting everything we can from it in our Sunday talks, mid-week groups and personal reading. At King's Church we base our lives off the truth of the whole Bible as we have all experienced, first-hand, the joy and challenges it brings and we love to read it to learn more about God and how He wants us to live our lives. 

Because we believe the Bible is God's Word, we will always preach the good news of the Gospel. The Gospel speaks of God's love us and the lengths He went to re-establish the relationship that  people had broken of with Him. This is expressed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and we are living in the fullness of this wonderful gift as we serve and glorify God in everyway we can. 

God's power to heal people and set them free is as real now as ever. We have faith to see this happening amongst us in Selby today and that is why we are a miracle-expecting church. God has not changed and He never will, so the same power that He used to create life, He still has to change lives - and we are ready and praying  to witness this more and more.